"I have recently taken up shooting this year but was finding my game really hit or miss, so decided to find an instructor for a one to one. I found Jerry very professional and informative, but also fun, and at the end of the day felt more confident and comfortable with my performance as a result. Would definitely recommend."

Paul Elford
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J Parks Clay Shooting
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J. Parks Clay Shooting

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Private Tuition

Jerry offers private clay shooting tuition for individuals, couples and groups of up to 3 persons. All tuition is tailored to the specific needs of the participants, matching your personal progress, to ensure you receive the best individual learning experience possible.

Jerry's training platform provides lesson plans to suit all levels and abilities from novices wanting a firm base to shooting methods to advanced skills for shooters up to national competition standards in English Sporting, Trap and Skeet disciplines. As part of every lesson Jerry will provide advice on gun fitting, gun mount and master-eye solutions. Game shooters can also book lessons for practice and style improvement or as pre-season warm-ups.

As well as individual private tuition, Jerry also offers group sessions in the form of IMS™ MasterClasses.

Beginners Private Tuition

For those just starting out in shooting Jerry provides full-day shooting experiences (including gun loan if required).

During these sessions Jerry coaches his pupils to use the base system of aim, swing, mount and analysis known as "The Method" or "Pull Away". This is the method of shooting approved by the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, and is particularly suited to beginners wishing to take up clay shooting.

These sessions are designed to be a fun introduction to clay shooting and anyone with a reasonable level of experience looking to develop their skills should see the section below.

Intermediate & Advanced Private Tuition

Many shooters find they have plateaued at a moderate level of score and cannot progress. Jerry coaches his more advanced pupils to use INSTINCTIVE METHOD SHOOTING™ (IMS™). Once a student has mastered the basis, the principle of IMS™ is to move correct conscious reactions into the sub-conscious to become automated muscle responses.

Jerry's philosophy of teaching shotgun skills takes a different path from most instructors, who only offer lessons in short sessions. The key to good shooting lies in moving cognitive thought into sub-conscious reaction. Short lessons provide a quick fix within the session but give insufficient repetition to create new automatic muscle responses. For this reason, advanced lessons are only provided on a whole day basis. The principal is that a shooter experiencing Jerry's lesson style will leave at the end of the day with new subconscious physical reactions allowing them to hit targets more consistently; i.e. they are becoming an INSTINCTIVE METHOD SHOOTER™.

Jerry also promotes the ability to be self-analytical by working with the student to explore and define their existing skill base and understand of the underlying method of shooting which gives a firm base for further self-learning and developing new and additional methods of shooting.

Advanced lesson plans are also available for experienced shooters who wish to improve in a specific discipline including Sporting Clays, Game Warm Up, Trap (ABT or DTL) and Skeet.

Private Tuition Prices:
Single All Day Lesson, per person £200
Three All Day Lessons, per person £500
Clays, per 100 £36
Cartridges, per 100 £24

Private tuition costs are exclusive of cartridges and clays. Pupils pay for clays as used at the rate above, and either provide their own cartridges (24g no 7.5 recommended) or purchase from Jerry at the rate above. Please allow up to 200 cartridges for a full day session.

Video analysis with post shooting image report is available in Private Tuition as an add-on. A comprehensive set of pictures and videos taken during the lesson will be provided for immediate visual feedback. Key elements of the session will also be forwarded to the client's email with de-briefing comments after the lesson.

If you require more information, are interested in booking a private All Day Lesson, or arranging a tailor-made coaching plan, please contact Jerry by email at or call on 0800 587 2823.

Gift Ideas:

Jerry is happy to provide gift vouchers for any of the above lessons or the IMS Master Classes. Gift lessons come with a PDF voucher that can be downloaded, printed and presented as a gift on the day and then redeemed at a time convenient to the recipient. Gift vouchers can be bought online at The Shotgun Store.